Finding the right THC edible for your tolerance level

THC edibles offer a tasty and discreet alternative to smoking or vaping. However, the effects of edibles are based on factors like individual tolerance level. Consuming the correct edible dose for your tolerance is vital to having an enjoyable experience.

Microdosing and low tolerance (1-5mg THC) 

If you’re new to cannabis edibles or have a low tolerance, starting low and going slow is essential. Even a small dose of 1-5mg THC can produce noticeable psychoactive effects in a cannabis-naive person. Some good options for microdosing or starting with edibles include:

  • Low-dose gummies or mints, like Kiva Petra Mints, which contain 2.5mg THC each
  • Infused beverages like Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops, with 2-5mg THC per bottle
  • Tinctures which allow you to precisely measure out small doses, such as Humboldt Apothecary 1:1 tincture with 2.5mg THC per dose

At this level, it’s best to start with just 1-2.5mg, wait at least two hours to assess the effects, and gradually increase the dose in 1-2.5mg increments until you find what works for you. Remember that edibles take 30-90 minutes to kick in.

Low to medium tolerance (5-15mg THC)

For more occasional cannabis consumers or those with some experience with edibles, a dose in the 5-15mg THC range is often a good fit. This provides more pronounced psychoactive effects and relaxation without being overwhelming. Some 5-15mg THC edible options include:

  • Gummies like Plus Products Sour Watermelon gummies with 5mg THC each
  • Baked goods like Dr Norm’s 10mg THC chocolate chip cookies
  • Kiva Confections chocolate bars, which have 5mg THC per serving square
  • Reef Dosed 10mg THC tablets for precise dosing

At this tolerance level, start with 5mg, wait an hour to assess the effects, and increase if desired in small 2.5-5mg increments. Be cautious about re-dosing too soon.

Medium to high tolerance (15-50mg THC)

Regular cannabis consumers often find that a dose between 15-50mg weed edibles is in their comfort zone, depending on their tolerance. The effects at this level are strong, so this dose range is only recommended if you’re already experienced with lower doses of edibles. Some options include:

  • Kushy Punch 100mg THC gummies, which can be cut into smaller 12.5-25mg pieces
  • Big Pete’s 50mg THC peanut butter cookies
  • Korova 50mg or 100mg THC brownie bites and cookies
  • Cheeba Chews Deca Dose edibles with 175mg THC, which can be divided into smaller doses

Even with a medium to high tolerance, it’s still advisable to start on the lower end (15-25mg) and work slowly rather than consuming too high of a dose at once.

Tips for consuming edibles based on tolerance

In addition to selecting an edible that suits your tolerance level, here are some general tips to ensure a positive experience:

  1. Start low and go slow, especially if you’re new to edibles or a particular product
  2. Wait at least an hour, preferably two, to feel the full effects before deciding whether to consume more
  3. Consume edibles in a comfortable setting when you have adequate time to devote to the experience
  4. If you accidentally consume too high of a dose, stay calm, stay hydrated, and find a safe place to wait it out – the intense effects will pass with time
  5. Avoid mixing edibles with alcohol or other substances
  6. Keep edibles secured away from children or pets, as they can resemble regular snacks and candy

Finding the ideal edible dose depends on individual tolerance and may require trial and error.


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